My passion for helping people live a vibrant and healthy life is what has allowed me to offer my best in over 15 years of working in the natural wellness field.


I thrive watching you thrive in your life! Feeling good affects every area of our lives. Who doesn’t want to feel great, confident and living on purpose in their lives? Right?! I know YOU do, because you are here and ready for more energy, more success and more fulfillment in your life.

There was a time I wasn’t quite so vibrant or healthy, and was caught in a vicious cycle of self destructive behaviour and habits. I struggled with eating disorders for almost 2 decades. I remember feeling so weak and dizzy once, that I even fainted while working with a client at my first job as a personal fitness trainer. Ironically the “fitness” expert wasn’t so fit. The illness made my disposition to anemia worse, my back pain so awful I slept on the floor for weeks at a time, and I started descending down a very steep slope with serious health complications.

I was barely functioning and hit the bottom of an abyss I tried so desperately to deny and ignore. However there isn’t a day I don’t give gratitude for hitting rock bottom. That may surprise you. Who wants to embrace their pain, the shit storm and the chaos of living at your lowest? But I did. I had too. I still wanted to live.

And that is when everything changed.

I embraced and owned my “stuff”. I took responsibility for my life and let go of blaming my parents, men and the world for my situation.

I discovered I had to discover myself.

Enrolling in a Homeopathic College where I spent 3 years studying alternative medicine is when life began to truly change even more. I went on to study holistic nutrition, energy bodywork modalities, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and also received my Yoga Instructor certification.

I didn’t let doctors, media, or my bad programming rule my health or life anymore.

I took my health into my own hands. I learned you can heal your life, when you address ALL parts of you. The mind/emotions, the body and the soul are one unit. This is how I practice.


I believe eating whole foods, mastering a whole and healthy mindset, and living connected to a whole body the “prescription” for a healthy thriving life.

Piera Bonventre

Integrating and combining a number of modalities has allowed me to help countless of clients regain their health and lives. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. May I help you, and witness your transformation to a whole, beautiful and love filled life? I can show you the way.


Piera B.
Natural and Integrative Health Specialist

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