Piera Bonventre

I have worked with mothers, actors, performers, artists, fathers, children, a couple of lawyers, health professionals, Super Star Cancer Survivors, corporate professionals, teachers, chefs, a janitor, HIV + Warriors, ministers, the scarred, the lonely, the hurt, the hungry, those in pain, the abandoned ones, the scared ones who didn’t know what Life would grant them next, those living on a mighty prayer, those that put all faith in their power to heal their broken parts, and many many other beautiful souls.

I continually am reminded how blessed I am to be given the opportunity to help people heal themselves.

Each and every one of my clients has been a TEACHER to me. You have helped me remain a relentless believer in the power and Source of all creation. Thank you for being my inspiration and the reason I keep giving, offering and being the best I possibly can.

Love you,
Piera B.

What My Clients Say


I met Piera nearly five years ago, and while I was no stranger to complimentary therapy, I was a Reiki “virgin”. That was about to change. After my first Reiki session, I knew I was hooked. Looking back, it was not just the Reiki, but the way Piera presented it. I was never more at ease with a practitioner of any kind as I was with Piera.

The results for me were almost immediate. Piera guided me in my journey in communication with my body. If someone had told me that I could communicate with my body, and have my body communicate with me, I would not have believed them. It happened. I left each session with Piera on a total high. A beautiful and natural high. I knew of chakras, but underestimated their importance. She really proved the importance of clearing your chakras so as to allow the Qi energy to flow freely.

Piera became a significant healer in my journey, and I would reccomend her to anyone looking to heal their pain, their bodies and their life.

Al Kavanaugh

Al Kavanagh

Toronto, Canada

I am very grateful for my recent faster EFT session with Piera B. It was nothing short of profound. Piera was able to beautifully hold space for me to express my issues openly and showed so much love and patience throughout. At one point, she asked me to envision my future self and it was really great to be able to put it into words and clarify this vision. Connecting with my higher self and doing the forgiveness exercise with my dad was powerful and cathartic. Our imagination is amazing!

It was as though it happened in reality and in fact, things have began to line up showing me that there had been an energetic shift between my dad and myself which was beginning to manifest. Further evidence was that I have more moments with my dad in which I do not feel a wall between us. I can now disagree with him and address things on the spot in a more respectful manner coming from my higher self. And I have more compassion for him than ever. These are huge breakthroughs in a very stuck area. EFT takes you on a roller coaster ride and the breakthrough and shift in perception make it all worthwhile. I am a big believer in this healing modality. Thank you Piera for this incredible opportunity!

Cathy Sambrone

Cathy Sambrone

Toronto, Canada

Piera is a wonderfully mindful person who combines a keen compassionate ear while listening to others, an approachable and warm energy; and a great communication style for expressing her wisdom, inspiration and life experiences. She is also very grounded within a wide range of spiritual teachings as this clearly comes across in her seminars and one-on-one conversations.

Steve Flemming

Steve Flemming

Toronto, Canada

Gentle, loving and deeply intuitive, full of wisdom and experience, Piera’s healing guidance will transform your life and transform it right where you are. Her loving embrace will elevate your spirit and expand your heart.


Oliver Guttorm

Toronto, Canada

Piera Bonventre is a gifted Reiki practitioner and Wellness Expert, who possesses a vibrant and abundantly welcoming energy. She is intent on creating a therapeutic healing space imbued with open positivity, and her receptiveness, awareness and sensitivity is admirable. I would highly recommend her to individuals seeking alternative healing modalities, and I celebrate the gift of both her energy and intention to the world.

Christopher wilson

Christopher Wilson

Professional Performing Artist, Actor and Educator

As an actor in the Entertainment Community in Toronto, I have to put myself through the rigours of stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Finding a balance is always a challenge, and being able to simply lose oneself in the moment can be near impossible. Receiving a Reiki treatment from Piera let’s me go that very delicate and precarious place so easily.

Her warmth and friendly energy helps me to relax, and her absolute focus during the session makes me feel safe and secure to simply let go and let her take me on a journey. Piera knows the human body, as well as she knows the human soul. She is gentle, soothing and she is powerful! I would recommend her sessions to anyone I know, or don’t know for that matter. Thank you Piera for your amazing gift!

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

Professional Actor & Performing Artist

I hired Piera for a chronically long standing digestive problem. Not only did she cure me, but she gave me the best nutrition information I ever received and I still use it today. It simply makes sense. Not only does she treat you with expert excellence, she does so by addressing the root cause of the issue. She really knows her field and truly knows how to help you release the blocks that may be holding you back from healing. This made healing such a great experience for me. You will be transformed and undeniably healed from what is holding you back. I highly recommend, Piera B.!

Frank Mancuso

Frank Mancuso

Toronto, Canada

I have worked with Piera on many occasions and am glad to have her as a friend. She is a wonderful healer and holistic practitioner that always provides a safe, non-judgemental space to rejuvenate your aura and heal your spirit. Her radiant energy, smile, and composure provide a calming atmosphere in which to relax, meditate, and share your story. She will help you transform your life for only the better.

Xavier Getz

Toronto, Canada

A few years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Piera as a facilitator through a series of workshops she created called “The S.A.F.E Method™”, and were offered in the community. From the first session I felt a shift within me which began the start of an amazing healing journey. Her guided meditations and the abundance of knowledge she holds and generously shares, truly changed me and empowered my whole experience.

She makes you so much more aware of your energy flow and provides powerful tips to effectively energize yourself with good nutrition and breathing practices. She also clearly outlines the best factors that could enhance your quality of life in order to attain better balance, being in better control, making better choices, and feeling good about yourself.

I recognized right from the beginning that she has this incredible ability to reach out to others by sharing so much. She is a great human being with a good persona and presence, very kind calm and generous as a person with a lot of empathy and so much integrity!

Her sessions permit you to grow in body, mind and soul because she challenges you in a most powerful way, to reflect on the core issues that we all must deal with in order to heal. She challenged me in so many ways that allowed me to create the needed changes within myself so I could live with more ease and well being.

I am very thankful and feel quite fortunate to have met such a genuine person that permitted so much growth in me. Every time we meet again, it is always a real pleasure to feel that presence around me. And to conclude, it has been a real rewarding experience in my life where I am left transformed significantly for the better,

Namaste to her positive energy and her willingness to be so GIVING!


Maurice P. Joanis

Toronto, Canada

I have met with Piera several times for Reiki and Energy healing treatments. Much of my life I have felt disconnected from my body. Through our sessions I was able to experience amazing subtleties of motion, energy moving through my body, and the release of blocked areas.

I remember specifically one of our sessions where at one point I felt this huge release go straight down my spine through my lower back, like a large fish tail splashing on water (exactly how I saw it and how I related it to Piera at the time). As a healer Piera has been a Godsend and I will always cherish the gifts received. She truly helped me heal and change my life.

Brad Tapley testimonial

Brad Tapley

Toronto, Canada

I’ve always thought of myself as an in control, got-it-all-together kinda gal. The Rock. The gal that you could count on when things went wrong. However, my life took a major nose dive. Circumstances had forced me to look at the parts of me that I had hidden away for so long. All those suppressed emotions screaming. I knew it was time for me to heal. I knew I had to throw a life line to someone that could help me. I was alone, desperate, suffocating in a sea of emotions.

Piera Bonventre has been that life line, my coach, my confidant, my inspiration. Piera has allowed me the space to see who I truly am, her patience, understanding, humour and intuitive heart has been a gift to me. With faster EFT I have seen major shifts with old memories being re-imprinted where they are no longer painful. I still have a long way to go but every session brings progress and potential.

I can’t thank Piera enough for what she has done for me. Her professionalism and integrity simply open you up to new possibilities, to believe in yourself again. If you want to take this journey into self discovery to know your true potential, I highly recommend Piera, she will take you by the hand and lead you to your best possible self.

Kim Dearsley

Kim Dearsley

Toronto, Canada

I learned Piera’s S.A.F.E Method and also received many sessions of tapping or EFT with her and within 3 months I could walk around the block again. I had been battling stage 3 cancer and did not have the energy to even get out of bed most days. It was incredible what transpired after I met Piera and worked with her.

I tapped, I breathed, I dug deep into years of stuffed down pain and anger and I finally released it. She made my experience SAFE so much so that I finally could let myself cry. My energy improved, I felt the courage to carry on and I am now in remission for 2 years. She is a brilliant guide to healing the true cause of our illness. You must experience her amazing talents.

Jennifer Riley

London, England

Piera’s optimistic outlook on life acts like pure sunshine. I received several volunteer Reiki sessions from her, as well as participated in her S.A.F.E. Method™ workshop series. Her kind spirit and passion for transmuting life challenges into personal strength captivated me. She is environmentally aware and uber health conscious. Piera B. is one of the most inspiring people I know and I am grateful to share this gift of life with my friend and inspiration Piera – she possesses a heart as strong as rock and shines like a light as bright as the Sun.

Ryan Handy

Ryan Handy

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Piera in her capacity as a Reiki and Energy Practitioner for approximately four and a half years now. We have worked together in her office for the first three and a half years of treatment, and remotely for the past year.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Piera in this healing capacity. We connect wonderfully and I have never experienced such powerful spiritual connection with any other Reiki or energy practitioner. She is very skilled and adept at what she does.

Working with Piera has been profound and ground breaking for me. We work together to heal on a soul/etheric level. Slowly we remove each unwanted layer to reveal more of the true authentic Suzanne. It’s not always an easy process, but the benefits far surpass the releasing of past hurts, harboured emotions, etc. A more real you emerges and it is fabulous. You can live in your own power with added strength and courage to move forward.

Piera works slowly, gently and respectfully, acting as a conduit to source; always with love, positive intention and for the greatest and highest good.

As a result of my continued work with Piera. I have been able to release a lot of historical trauma. I am happier, more whole and have a different outlook on my past and how I view the world. I continue to progress and move forward as a result of our work together. I have healed in many facets of my life and continue to do so with increased personal awareness.

I highly recommend Piera for any of the modalities she offers. She is truly a quality individual who cares about her clients and teaches you to simply Be; and love yourself!! Thank you Piera!

Suzanne Mossman

Suzanne Mossman

Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Piera is The Light, The Hope,The Inspiration.

In April 2014, I met Piera Bonventre and she made things very warm and inviting for me since day 1. She is very patient, always keen to help, always has an open ear to hear my concerns and her priority is to always allow a space of comfort. I have learned so much from working with her, and she really motivates me to be the best that I can be.

As a new immigrant she has helped me pave the path that has led to my success. A million words can’t explain how grateful I am for the contribution Piera has made in my life, and working with her is a true blessing.

Ray Blackman

Ray Blackman

Toronto, Canada

Piera is truly amazing in all that she does. She helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life. She instilled in me the optimism and belief in myself that I needed to heal my life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to truly transform their “dis-ease”.

Sophie Bloomberg

San Francisco, California

From the first day I received her services, my life took a real turn for the better. Piera is compassionate, has an inexhaustible desire to help those looking to heal and is a wealth bank of knowledge. You can’t BE anything but pleased with the results you receive.

Michael Harding

Toronto, Canada

It is incredible how a shift in one’s mindset can truly heal a person deeply. I was granted this amazing opportunity after hiring Piera as my health advisor. She worked with me over a series of sessions and right from the first session, my pain had lessened and I actually felt RELIEF. After that first session I slept 8 hours straight that night. I had not had a great night sleep in decades. Piera is truly exceptional at how she helps you heal YOUR OWN body. I now implement her program on a daily basis, and have not had a day of pain since. She is a true blessing to this planet!

Carol Manning

Sydney, Australia

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