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By Piera B

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There was a time when I was not well or feeling “alive”.  I was struggling with a low thyroid, a genetic blood condition that limits my capacity to create enough healthy hemoglobin and bouts of depression and chronic fatigue.  Just lifting my arms over my head felt like I had to lift a mountain.  Dizziness, lack of vitality, inability to recover even from light walking became a constant daily chore and my new unfulfilling norm.  I was not feeling alive or free in my existence. I felt trapped and something had to change.

There had to be a solution.

My health challenges along with seeing my grandmother struggle with her own health issues, led me down a very long and winding rabbit hole, and thus my wellness journey began. I enrolled in Holistic Studies, Nutrition, Homeopathic College and later into NLP and energetic modalities.

And one of the very first things that helped me feel human and alive again was Ocean’s Alive!

Ocean’s Alive is a marine phytoplankton product that is one of the best vegan superfoods out there. It is free of any harmful contaminates and can supercharge your vitality because it works powerfully on the cellular level. Your cells will soak it all in like a sponge,  because most likely you are not getting enough minerals and micro minerals from your diet.

The reality is that most conventionally raised food crops lack high mineral content. Soil erosion is a known fact and by the time those kale leaves reach your table, they have been sitting in wearhouses, on trucks, planes and it could be well over a month since it was “freshly picked”.  So yes we must eat good food to get our vitamins, and minerals, but in reality this isn’t enough.

Ocean’s Alive fills in all the holes that may be in your diet due to lack of mineral content, and the fact you most likely are eating on the run half the time.

Click here for more info on Ocean’s Alive!


Why is Marine Phytoplankton SUCH A POWERHOUSE of nutrition?

Well without this marine plant you and I wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be able to breath, because these little guys are actually BIG HUGE oxygen creators and responsible for about 90% of the air we breath!


Ocean’s Alive can benefit:

  • Your brain! It helps feed the nervous system vital nutrients that can assist cognitive performance like memory and sharp focus.
  • It can nourish the adrenal glands which are the stress organs that handle everything from lack of sleep, to the angry boss you have to deal with, to your mother in law that keeps staying in your business.
  • It ‘s rich in antioxidants that can help you prevent oxidative stress from breathing, overexertion, and just old aging (ha ha pun intended ;).
  • It helps skin retain youthfulness, and slows down the aging process overall.
  • It ENERGIZES like rocket fuel! Better than any acid forming cup of coffee, coke or candy bar you could ingest.
  • It can help you lose weight by feeding your body the nutrient it really needs and lessen cravings caused by processed food diet.
  • It can rebuild the blood, by helping with anemia, and low hemoglobin counts.
  • It can assist the thyroid gland and rebalance the hormonal system.
  • It can balance and normalize blood pressure
  • And it can relieve muscular aches and pains due to over inflammation and aging.


The only way to really experience this super amazing food is by taking it daily for 2-3 months to really feel it’s effects. Check out more info here .  I began by taking 20 drops a day, and by day 3 I was feeling HUMAN again. I could walk for 30 minutes and not feel dizzy. The mental fog was gone and could write and do my work with greater clarity and efficiency. My body felt like it had been “watered” after a long dry drought.

And the best thing was that I could enjoy dancing again! That is one of my biggest joys in life and gives me life! Before Ocean’s Alive I had to stop dancing. I couldn’t sustain the physical exertion. With Ocean’s Alive I found life again and I began to rebuild my blood, adrenals and thyroid gland again. After 3 months on this protocol, my labs came back better than they ever had in my life. My ferritin, hemoglobin and B12 all shot up to normal levels!

And now I take it EVERY DAY! Nothing feels better than feeling vitality, stamina and ALIVE again!

So I never looked back and I continue to take, love and share this amazing superfood with everyone I know and work with.  It truly can bring you back to a life worth living.

For more info on how to work with me, and begin using Ocean’s Alive as part of an individualized health plan just for you, please message me directly here.


You too can feel healthy, happy and free again!


Piera B.



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