How to Eat Fat to Get Thin!


By Piera B

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I’ve been in the health, wellness and fitness field for over 15 years. I’ve seen it all. The no pain no gain motto fuelled the mindset of the weight loss industry for decades. But now we are smarter.  Well some of us are 😉

Some are still popping fat burners and spending gruelling hours on cardio machines and eating no fat chemical loaded food, in the hopes all their fat will melt off. They resist their bodies, they are at war with their plates and they keep pushing their luck really.  It’s time to put an end to the madness. Like right now.

Fat isn’t our enemy.

Carbohydrates aren’t the demons either.

Protein has risen to the ranks of Supreme Goddess that can do no wrong.

What  is the real enemy?

Anything EXTREME.  Anything that promotes extreme regimes are unnatural to our bodies. They shock the body and take us into survival mode.  You can’t lose fat in a stressed out , survival triggered state. Period.

Cutting out all fat or counting every fat gram will only stress you out mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you really are tired of feeling fat, and the excess pounds are weighing you down to the point every area of your life feels it, then it’s time to adopt a better way to manage your weight.

You can read my new book on this topic here:

Fat is your friend. There are GREAT healthy fats that will heal your body, support your metabolism and super charge your whole physiology.

The key with weight loss is the QUALITY of your food, regardless of whether it is a fat, a carb or a protein.  A WHOLE FOOD based diet that includes GREAT fats is the key to keeping your energy levels up, your brain peppy and smart and your heart loving the emotions a healthy body guarantees.

That really is the magic formula for weight loss, AND for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Our cells THRIVE on whole unprocessed food. Whole foods contain live enzymes, natural phytoceuticals and more nutrients than packaged, junk food crap, We must change our mindset to eating MORE whole foods including fat, and limiting anything that doesn’t come off a tree or have a face.

You can learn ALL about fat, how to lose weight eating great tasting food and how to change your metabolism and mindset so you become a healthy, fit and thriving human being by reading my new book called Eat Fat, Get Thin! How Fat Makes Life Better.

Just go to this link and get ready to love FAT again 😉

I swear no more DIE-ITS. It’s time to LIVE IT!

Keep BEing healthy, happy and free.

Love always,


Piera B.





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