How to grow YOUNGER gracefully. 11 Anti aging tips to stay young, energized and healthier than ever!


By Piera B

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Aging is an inevitable part of life. Over time our bodies do change. But how much of it can we influence?  I believe we have a huge ability to slow down the aging process and support the vitality of our whole body.

The challenge has become a psychological one, where we are conditioned by numbers and by the perception that “as we grow older, things need to slow down”. Who said that? That ain’t my point of view, and it doesn’t have to be yours either!

Did your mom say that? Or your grandfather? Or maybe all the media messages that you are old once you hit the big 5-0. Does that need to be true for you? What beliefs have we bought into?  Think about it.

Things that make you say hmmmmmmm…..

Feeling old, has A LOT more to do with your perspective and how you think.  Feeling old is also a reflection of how you have or have NOT taken care of yourself physically AND emotionally. What you eat, how much sleep you get,the amount of alcohol or recreational drugs you’ve played with,  your level of activity and your overall sense of contentment in life can all determine your age beyond chronology.

Numbers aren’t definitive! 

I know some 50 year olds that have way more energy and LIFE than some of my 30 something counterparts. The mind plays a huge part in how fast or slow we decide to age. If we think that being 50 is “getting up there and old” then we will actually get older faster.  We will also FEEL older and act older.  Clean up the thoughts in your head and just watch how life changes for the better.

Master your MIND first! 

So the first step is to get a hold of your mind set. Set your mind on beliefs that you are able to create vitality ,and space for youthfulness in your life. Pay attention to your WORDS!  How do you speak to yourself?  What do you say about your age, your energy, and your life in general?  Remember anything you place behind the words I am, turns to reality very quickly in fact.

Also who are you hanging out with most of the time? If you are surrounded by people that feel old, talk about getting old, complain about “how old they feel” and look, then that affects your mind game and influences your state as well. You don’t necessarily have to hang out with younger people, however it’s proven hanging out with younger people does keep you more energized and youthful.  Try hanging out with kids sometime. Their fresh perceptive, infectious sense of play, their high energy, and openness to life can help us see there are more options in life than we think we have. We can’t help but feel younger and more vitality with that kind of energy around us.


11 More Tips to Grow Younger Everyday:

1) Breath deeply

The quality of our breath reflects the quality of your life. Ancient yogis all knew this and expressed that the number and the quality of your breaths can either prolong or shorten your life. Longer, slower breaths elicit the relaxation response. When you relax your body goes into healing and restoration mode. That means cells get to repair, and regenerate more quickly. Slow down, breath more, and practice some deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises every day. Most yoga studios do offer breath instruction and there are many vids online as well.

2) Eat clean

Always think nutrient dense versus calorie dense. Eat whole unprocessed foods 95% of the time and you can’t lose and you will look younger. Whole organic foods support your immune system, organ detoxification, skin health, and can keep your digestive system in tip top shape. These are key physiological systems that when supported will allow for a slower aging process.

3) Cut down on alcohol

Less is more here. Actually having no alcohol is probably the best option as it really has no benefit on your brain or nervous system.  Alcohol actually kills brains cells and increases the aging process significantly. You are better off ingesting cannabis than alcohol if you are looking to relax or need something to “take the edge off”.  Cannabis is proven to have many medicinal qualities that help with pain, prevention of disease and in moderation helps with ADHD and nervous system issues.


A healthy-aging

4) Stop smoking

Smoking cigs ages you faster than most anything else. It robs the body of hydration, the hundreds of chemicals in each puff destroys healthy cell function and depletes the body of nutrients.  Ask me how to help you quit with a powerful EFT session. It really does work! Message me for a free mini consult today.

5) Stress Management

This is a biggie I know.  Begin to find ways to release stress and get help and support when you feel like life is overwhelming. Please don’t ignore this one.  Stress is the number one cause of disease, and chronic illness. Find time to make self care a priority every week. Make time to fill your cup, so you have a cup to share with others and yourself.


A fit old woman

6) Glutathione

This is the MOTHER of all anti oxidants, and prevents free radical damage to healthy cells and helps them restore and regenerate.  Free radicals are created from oxygen uptake, exercise and from our natural biological processes that keep us alive. We do naturally create glutathione in our bodies, but toxins coming from food, water, the air we breath destroys it quickly.

Eating sulfur rich foods (onions, garlic, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts),  helps our bodies produce more. Exercising also supports glutathione production. And ingesting certain supplements like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamins C and E all help boost your natural production of this most vital anti oxidant. Those with chronic illness like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, auto immune diseases, and Alzheimer’s are most deficient and need additional supplementation.

7) Move your body every day

30 minutes of intense aerobic and muscle conditioning exercise boosts your natural production of glutathione as well. Exercise invigorates the circulation, balances out the hormonal system, keep joints and ligaments strong and healthy and skin glowing.

8) Create

Get those creative juices going! Writing, painting, singing, dancing and anything creative actually makes for a healthier brain. Our cognitive abilities are strengthened when we engage in creative pursuits. You increase your ability to focus, and thus become more efficient overall. Creativity helps ward off mental and cognitive illness because it activates core centres of the brain, that set off feel good chemical reactions as well. Inspiration does keep us young in mind, body and heart.

9) Challenge your mind every day

Keeping our mental faculties sharp with word games, or puzzles to solve is proven to improve brain function and preventing the onset of dementia. Just like the muscles in your body, we need to “train” our mental braun as well.  So a few sudoku puzzles, or reading a science book, memory games, and using apps that specifically “work out” the brain are all great options.  Aim to challenge yourself and do things outside your comfort zone.  That also helps break patterns and habits that may be preventing us from change and transformation.

10) Sleep

Melatonin is an immensely powerful anti aging hormone created in our pineal gland in the centre of our brain. When it gets dark, our brains naturally begin to produce melatonin while we sleep.  This powerhouse of a chemical is said to be one of the most beneficial for recovery, regeneration and restoration of the trillions of cells found in our body.  Some health pros also confirm it has anti cancer benefits and immune boosting properties.

The key is getting deep, restful sleep and have complete darkness after 10pm. Most people however are using their phones, T.Vs, tablets, and computers right up until they go to bed. The light disrupts our melatonin production and delays it , so we end up producing less and never quite reach optimal levels. Melatonin could be called the best  anti aging weapon available to us. We also can receive it in a natural form by drinking tart cherry juice. This can ensure we get optimal amounts of melatonin every day.  I drink tart cherry juice every evening and my sleep has never been so AMAZING!  I feel more rested, I remember dreams more vividly and I wake up refreshed and with more energy than ever before. Try it here for yourself, and let me know how amazing it works for you as well.

11) Last but never least is SEX!

Let me restate that one. GREAT SEX! I won’t get into that definition as that is a whole other post I could get into. So let’s just say that great sex does the body, mind and life good! It boosts natural endorphins, supports the hormonal system, and within a loving and supportive bond with a mate it can relieve stress and allow for a greater and deeper connection of trust and intimacy. Feeling desired, appreciated and loved is a HUGE factor to longevity and long term great health. Also when you feel sexy, you also feel more vitality and more confident and that can help you feel younger and younger every day.

Be forever young my friends and take care of you! 

Keep being healthy, happy and free! 

Piera B. 

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