The 5 Best Foods for Weight Loss AND Amazing SEX!


By Piera B

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Food is our medicine,  IF we choose them wisely.  It is now a known fact that, food isn’t simply just a fuel source. It has many chemical affects on us, and the right foods have medicinal value for our health and well being.

We must become aware of what we put in our mouths and really make a commitment to eating healthy whole foods as the mainstay of our daily meals. Eating whole, non GMO, organic food gives us the best bang for our buck. If you FEEL better, have more energy, then you can be more productive at work, have more fun with your friends and family and have better SEX! Oh ya that is guaranteed.

Cleaner diet means less toxins that can mess up the hormonal system and create low libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue which is one of the biggest enemies of a great sex life.  Check out this nutrient dense greens food for greater health and disease prevention. 

So eat up these 5 powerful Superfoods  and watch your life get better and better! 


1) Pumpkin seeds

These are nutrient dense and contain a high amount of Zinc.  Zinc encourages testosterone levels for men.  So guys,  your own boys will get a good boost if you include these on a regular basis.  Try them on salads, blended into a smoothie or just on their own as a snack. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of fiber, protein and good fat.  They are also good for keeping hunger pangs and cravings at bay.  Eating these will help you feel full for longer.  So don’t worry about the fat. You want some fat as your brain, organs and whole body needs it to stay healthy. Remember quality is always key with clean eating for health.


2) Nutmeg:

Yes this hot spice makes things hot in the kitchen and the bedroom.  According to Indian researchers, Nutmeg increases libido and acts as a natural aphrodisiac.  So leave the Viagra at home and start grinding up some nutmeg on your food instead.  This spice is also a powerhouse of anti bacterial, anti viral and phytochemical nutrition. It boosts the blood circulation helping you feel more energized and offers more blood flow to all organs.  Phytochemicals also help with clearing up any free radicals from fat burning and weight loss efforts.  Use in baking, in your coffee or tea, in stews and warm savoury soups.

Also for men keeping their prostate healthy is vitally important. Check this great supplement that helps ward off prostate issues. 


3)  Fatty Fish:

Those with low libido, depression, and have low energy levels, often are deficient in good fats like those in Salmon, mackeral and sardines.  These supply vital nutrients that boost the sex drive, help you feel full longer and encourage the brain to make feel good hormones.  If you are feeling drained or blue chances are there isn’t going be much luvn’ in the bedroom tonight.  So make a point to add good sources of healthy fats.  Also you can check out my book  “Eat Fat, Get Thin- How Fat Makes Life Better”.  This is a jam packed resource that includes everything you need to know about eating fat for weightless, and overall health and vitality. Get your copy here:

4) Grapefruits, Oranges , Lemons – Citrus to the Rescue!

Citrus fruit are power packed nutrient foods. Never underestimate their value just because they are popular or not the fancy superfoods being promoted out there. Fresh organic citrus are good sources of Vitamin C.  Recent studies show that Vitamin C helps increase fertility and sperm counts in men.  So eat those oranges up and consider supplementing with additional Vitamin with only high quality , organic , and non GMO sources. This brand is my favourite and highly absorbable and completely guaranteed for it’s quality.


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5)  Dark Chocolate:

I can just see the ladies jump up for joy reading this one.  It’s true, dark chocolate is a superfood and in moderation very good for weight loss, and improving sexual health.  It helps increase serotonin, one of our feel good hormones. When you feel good, you will have more energy and not crave the junk.  Dark chocolate gives you enough in flavour to satisfy your sweet tooth without too much sugar.  It also is a great aphrodisiac, and contains an amino acid called Arginine that boosts libido, so you get the Viagra like effect without harming yourself with pharmaceutical medication.  Next time you head to the bedroom, take some dark chocolate dipped strawberries as an appetizer for the main event 😉


I wish you more energy, health and of course better and better sex 😉  Like always leave your comment or questions by hitting reply below.  I love receiving your feedback and always here to help you become healthier, happier and free.


Piera B.



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