5 Ways to Cure a “Sweet Tooth” Without Going Insane!


By Piera B

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Sugar.  The word has adopted some nasty evil connotations and rightly so. It can really wreck havoc with your immune system, insulin levels and can increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease and many auto immune disorders.

For many people sugar is a devil they simply don’t know how to say no to. It becomes a highly addictive substance often compared to drug addictions like nicotine and alcohol.

But don’t despair, I’ll help you discover some really powerful ways to detoxify yourself from it, replace it with better alternatives and all without losing your mind in withdrawal land.

Sugar comes in many forms. It isn’t just the white stuff in packets, it’s also bread, all grains like rice (and yes Quinoa too), potatoes, pasta and any processed food in a package, box or carton. Even those fluffy rice cakes that people eat think is a great alternative to bread, are actually spiking their insulin levels just as rapidly as eating cotton candy.

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Here is the real, raw and unedited truth :

You need to get rid of all the processed food in your life.  It really is the bottom line.  Most processed foods have sugars added for flavour and because the manufacturers know how much adding it makes us long time customers. This is one of the legalized addictions in the west that often gets downplayed and the ramifications are huge.

Every can of Coke contains 16 teaspoons of sugar! Why do you think they add so much of it? It’s a great way to keep us coming back and buying more and more.

5 Alternatives to Processed Sugars:

1) Eat Fresh Raw Fruit:

Raw fruit does contain natural sugars, in addition to natural plant fibres, phytochemicals , bioflavanoids and many other natural occurring vitamins and minerals. Fruit offers you so much nutrition in a complete and natural package and if eaten in moderation provides a good source of carbohydrates for quick energy and is a great way to refuel post workouts!


2) Stevia, Xylitol:

These are both natural plant extracts and provide a great alternative to sugar as sweeteners to your coffee, tea, baking , and cooking. Xylitol in particular has been studied and shown to help dental health as well , by cutting down the acids in your mouth and helping keep tooth enamel healthy and strong. What a contrast to what processed sugars do to your teeth!

3) Raw honey:

This too is a concentrated form of sugar and like my whole philosophy about food, is to be eaten in moderation. The difference here is, raw honey has HUGE , natural anti- bacterial and anti-viral properties, is loaded with tons of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and plant compounds only found in nature.  Sugar doesn’t even come close! Use in moderation and always eat it with other foods like proteins, to balance out the insulin response.

4) Add more lean protein:

Protein is a great nutrient that keeps our blood sugar stable, provides the building blocks of life that help our cells thrive and it helps us feel satiated and full longer curbing sugar craving before they even can begin.  Add a portion of lean protein such as organic wild fish, organic lean meat, hemp, or eggs to your daily meals.  Eating carbs without a protein is a prescription for sugar craving disaster. It will leave you feeling hungry and won’t be enough to keep you going for long.

5) Eat more healthy fats:

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Fat that comes from natural whole foods does not lead to excess weight gain. When eaten as part of a balanced overall whole food diet, it’s really hard to eat so much that you get obese.  That is really the key. And eating great fat in the form of avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and raw organic butter, helps you feel fuller as it slows your digestion and equally keeps those sugar cravings far far away.

It is one of the best nutrients to help with sugar cravings. I see so many clients eating low fat diets and then asking me why they crave sugar so much.  All those diet and no fat products have huge amounts of sugar in them – the devil in disguise.

Cut out the processed junk foods, and let’s get back to eating whole foods that nourish not only our bodies and minds, but also our souls. <3


Best of health to you always.

Keep BEing Happy, Healthy and Free!

Piera B.  

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