The One reason that will determine if your relationship is a part time journey or life long connection.


By Piera B

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I do believe in soulmates. I do belive in partnerships that endure the tides of the roughest waters. I do believe in deeply loving bonds that may contrast the current marriage success rate.

I won’t let those beliefs go. What I do release and let go, is the belief that another completes me or my life. That is a dangerous and slippery slope to venture on, in intimate relationship land.

I complete myself. On a physical level my body regenerates itself when given the best resources and environment to do so. When I eat clean and whole foods I replenish what may have been broken down.  Every night when I go to bed, my body produces melatonin and my body can be restored and cleared of the day’s activities.  My heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach and GI tract, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and so much more keeps working day and night despite any harm I may consciously or unconsciously impose.

It just aims to do it’s best with what I give it or don’t.

I emotionally and mentally complete myself.  I feel my experience because of thoughts, past experiences , and memories that may arise consciously or unconciously. I ALWAYS get to choose what I BELIEVE to be true in the moment. And that BELIEF is what creates my reality. Period.

I spiritually complete myself.  No guru, no priest, no healer, no shaman, and no spiritual “master” can even try to fill any “not enoughness” I may experience.  When I choose to go to my centre, I know my experience of a higher intelligence that creates and recreates continuously, and then I Am  aware of my completeness. I realize I Am perfect, whole, enough, and complete just as I Am.  The completeness already is within me and without me. I just may get in the way.


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So soulmates for the long haul are not only possible,  but a true gateway to growing and fully experiencing states of being that would not be possible on a solo journey. Long term partnerships with a mate are also very possible.  We can share a journey and still honour our own completeness.

AND actually when we truly know deeply our own completeness, then the soulmate connection is a done deal.  When we know we are perfect as we are, then a marriage for a lifetime becomes the “norm” and not a rarity.  The only reason it seems people can’t stay together as life partners, is because either one or both are seeking completion in the other or in outer circumstances.

Let’s affirm our wholeness by returning over and over again within ourselves and honouring our Truth. By giving our gifts to those in need and whom we love and care about. By having compassion for those we may not personally know, but on a deeper level know are the same.  By putting kindness always first before any other intention or action towards others.  By seeing the beauty of our flaws, and feeling the perfection of our imperfections and knowing our being human is a temporary journey that takes us back home.

Then we know we are enough. We are complete.



Keep Being healthy, happy and free

Piera B. 


2 responses to “The One reason that will determine if your relationship is a part time journey or life long connection.”

  1. Paul says:

    There are a few people on this planet using there life to share an amazing message. Reading your article, my impression is, you are one of them. Thank you, for what you have shared so far. I love discovering more people with this knowingness. We are creating a better world.

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