BE Young again with the 5 Tibetan Rites!


By Piera B

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Where is the fountain of our youth? It begins with you! 

Make the decision today that you will eat whole unprocessed foods, drink lots of filtered water, move in ways you enjoy and that energize you and make time for a soul connection with a higher power and/or your Higher Self.

AND do the 5 Tibetan Rights :) More on that in a bit…

Every day we are given infinite opportunities to do what matters most. That goes from being responsible parents, to giving back to our communities, to sharing our best with whomever we meet and also taking care of OURSELVES!

I’ve been exploring the Tibetan 5 Rites for increasing my vitality and longevity. And this practice really works!  For the past 2 months I have diligently woken up and done  my 5 tibetan rites every morning for only 13 minutes.  My body feels energized, my mind is alert and my mood is elevated in a way where I feel so inspired to create and share all the healing work that I love to give you all.


These are downright simple yet invigorating and fun to do. And it only takes 13 minutes a day!

The 5 Tibetan Rights in detail:  

The 5 Tibetan Rites is a yoga based practice created to rejuvenate, and energize your whole being.  It was created by a British Colonel who was living in a Himalayan Monastery. It is said that practicing these rites prevent aging in both the body and mind.  They encourage you to breath rhythmically and deeply.  Remember, quality of your breath determines the quality and youthfulness of your life!

There are 5 specific movements done in a specific sequence and each exercise is repeated 21 times.


The 5 exercises are:

1) Spinning:

Standing with arms outstretched and legs hips distance apart, begin to spin in a circle for 21 revolutions.  After you are done, keep breathing deeply and go down on your mat for a few seconds of child pose.


2) Leg Raises:

Lie on back on the floor and lift both your legs straight to 90 degree angle and raise your head and shoulders off the ground. Do 21 repetitions. If this is too much, start with 5 and build up to 21 over time.


3) Camel pose:

Get into camel pose by going on your knees and back bending with your head and shoulders towards the floor. Always keep breathing deeply with both inhales and exhales. Repeat 21 times, and always build up to this, if it’s too much.


4) Tabletop:

Get into a table top position by placing hands behind you on the ground and feet hip distance apart on the mat. Lift your hips off the floor to form the tabletop position, then return your hips back on to the ground. Repeat 21 times.


5) Upward dog to downward dog:

These are the classic yoga poses to wake up the circulation of the spine, and whole nervous system. It’s my favourite Tibetan Rite :) Simply get into a downward dog position and then smoothly transition to an upward dog pose. Repeat 21 times.


My FAVOURITE Tibetan Rite demo and video can be found here:


So I challenge you to start each day with 13 minutes of age reversing, youth enhancing and vibrant movement that will energize you for your whole day.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Please comment below with your experience :)

BE Healthy, Happy and Free,

Piera B. 

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  1. Leslie says:

    Piera, did you know that this is what Dave Sandoval promotes for optimal health along with his super food solutions? See his video:

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