How pain can transform our lives!


By Piera B

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We are taught to fear pain in all it’s forms. To some degree we are hardwired to avoid it at all costs.

And this is where it gets tricky.

Sometimes we run so fast and try to get so far from our pain that we fool ourselves into thinking we can outrun it.  But everywhere we go, there we ARE.  No escaping anything really.  We just get jumbled into another pot of circumstances and the pot might look different on the outside, but the flavours stay the same.

We don’t have to fear pain. Whether it’s physical or the harder emotional kind, there is a gift in the very core of it. It breaks you open to feeling your humanity in such a visceral and life transforming way.

I’ve been experiencing my pain with more conscious awareness than ever before. Physical pain, if intense enough will give you little choice. Unless you run to codeine. But that is a temporary and false island of refuge.  The pain doesn’t go away unless you truly feel it entirely.

And that is why it’s tough to get through our “stuff”.  It requires a true warrior character to go into the messy stuff of our lives and feel it, process it and let it move through us. Emotions just can’t be buried alive. Feelings don’t die that way.

So let’s embrace our felt perception and human experience here. This means the inclusion of pain.

You can feel it all , and come through the other side in one piece. You are not broken or damaged will never be. Actually quite the contrary. You become resilient and in touch with what it means to be vulnerable in all of our human experience.  That is the gateway to realizing our true inner strength.

Make peace with your “stuff” and realize pain can be transformed and utilized for your growth and personal evolution.

Love to all of you conscious warriors!


Piera B.

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