How to make stress “un-stressful”


By Piera B

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Seems like stress makes headlines every day in the world of health and wellbeing.  And I feel we may not have a really good definition of it.  Most people say stress is the “stuff” that bothers them. While this is true , I feel there is an even more precise description.

To me stress is really our PRECEPTION of the situations, people, places and things that upset or take us off our centre.  It is how we see a certain set of circumstances and then follow through by making conclusions based on those perceptions.

You could take 2 people and put them into the same situation and they both will react or respond differently.  And how they respond is usually based on the programming and belief system they hold within their minds. Our conditioning (the strongest being recorded from 0-12 years of age) colours our filters through which we see the world.

We can either sink or swim  so to speak, when things aren’t as rosy looking as we think they should be. It all depends on how you PERCEIVE your reality.

So how do we make things less stressful?

Change your internal patterns, and beliefs and let go of seeing it in those limitiations . Let go, let go, let go.  The rest works itself accordingly.  That’s really it.

Simple yet it asks for consistent effort and practice to undo all the negative conditioning we’ve adopted into our mind’s programming. So change YOUR internal world, in order to see your outer world differently.

For more help in breaking patterns, I’d love to guide you through it. Wanna breakthrough the blocks in your life or “stress”?  Message me and let’s begin a new journey of greater possibilities in your life!


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