Part 1: How Your “Second Brain” Can Heal Your Life!


By Piera B

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The digestive system contains what some call the “second brain”.  This is because the enteric nervous system is found within the whole structure of your stomach, intestines and digestive organs. The ENS is constantly communicating just like the brain in your head, to every cell in your body.  It transmits nerve impulses in response to it’s own needs and in response to what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing.

Our emotional health which includes how we experience and express our feelings and needs, is a huge part of this second brain.  Negative emotions or states will impede our ability to assimilate, fully digest and eliminate what we eat each day. This is because stress will take energy away from these bodily processes thereby impeding the best digestive processes to take place.  So in other words, when we are stressed out in our relationships, jobs, and financial lives, we have less energy to put into optimal digestion.  Over time this increases our risk of not only digestive ailments, but also to auto immune disorders, viral and bacterial infections, inflammatory disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and heart disease.

The health of our gut truly determines the health of all of US.  There are more bacteria in our digestive system than the total sum of all our cells! Isn’t that mind boggling?

Think about it.  We have more bacteria running around in our bodies than actual cells.  The significance of this can’t be overlooked.  There is a reason for this and keeping the balance of good bacteria to the not so good bacteria is key.  A healthy gut will maintain 85% good bacteria so as to keep the rest of the bad guys in check.


The 3 Key  basic components to maintain healthy gut flora:

So it’s vitally important that we assist this ratio with the foods we eat, drink, and how we manage our daily stress. All three components determine how the ratios will unfold.


1.  Eat whole foods.

It’s really that simple. Eat things in their most natural state, which means they don’t come from a box, package, can or drive through.  Whole food nourishes the good bacteria so they can remain abundant.  They also have loads of natural fiber which assists the motility and regularity of your bowels. Eat fermented foods that have loads good bacteria every single day. These will keep the nasty guys at bay. (more on that in my next blog post part 2. )


2. Drink clean water every day.  

Start the morning with at least one glass of filtered water.  Then keep drinking water throughout the day. Cut down or even better, eliminate sugary drinks, diet sodas, alcohol, coffee and caffeinated teas.


3.  Healthy Stress Management:

This is huge.  The better we feel emotionally the less stress can rob us of our vitality.  How we perceive our world, ultimately determines how safe we feel or not.  Implementing mindfulness practices like meditation, and yoga really do help. But there are many other ways to deal with endless ruminating or unconscious mind programs.  My EFT tapping resource can help with reframing and reprogramming how you see the world.  It will help you reframe and become less reactive to life’s seemingly challenging occurrences, and more responsive to what comes your way. Check it out here it’s free! :)

In my next blog post I reveal one of the most powerful types of foods you can eat to keep a healthy digestive system, immune system and balanced weight- FERMENTED FOODS.  I will reveal my 5 most favourite fermented foods that will help you lose excess weight, detoxify your body, and boost your immune system for optimal health.

Stay healthy, happy and free :)

Love always, 

Piera B. 

4 responses to “Part 1: How Your “Second Brain” Can Heal Your Life!”

  1. Leila Musa says:

    Hi Piera this is Leila I volunteer at PWA look forward to updates thank you and take care.

  2. Dina says:

    Hi dear Piera
    I suffer of Fibromyalgia, or chronic pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc, but I am sure it trigger from my stomach, even doctor doesn’t agree with that.
    Please, tell me what I can to stop feeling bad after ever meal, my stomach swollen and distended, more hyperacidity and a lot of Gas, unable to stop it. Do you have any clue to help me ?, it will be welcome.
    Thank you.


    • piera says:

      Hi Dina,

      I would love to help you out. I would need to go through an initial consult to give you the best reccomendations for your current health concerns. Please contact me at and I will be happy to assist you on your journey to health and happiness.

      Be well,

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