Radical Love – Why it’s more powerful than anything else in existence


By Piera B

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“I think there should be more love in the world. Gritty, dangerous, wild eyed love. Radical acceptance of people.” Brene Brown

What if we love when it’s the last thing we think we can do?

What if we chose to let go of the anger or hurt and regardless of the outcome, LOVED fearlessly?

I call this Radical Love. At the very core we are complete and need nothing outside ourselves to validate or confirm that fact. We are bombarded by all kinds of contrary messages that we are “damaged”, in some way defective, “need to work on ourselves”, fix our “issues”, learn the lessons and on and on goes the spiritual new age doctrines.

What if you didn’t need to fix a thing? And what we really need to allow for, is our ability to show love and compassion. Even when your heart’s door seems so locked shut.

These questions keep pressing intensely on my heart button. With all the times I’ve felt betrayed or unrighteously blamed, I know how hard it is to love the seemingly unloveable circumstances of life.  It takes BOLD COURAGE to love when we know it may not be returned back to us or even received by the other. When Rejection’s fearful voice hollers in our ears, and we still press on to love just because it will open us and deliver us from the angst we feel, that takes guts. And that is TRULY being fearless in this world.

We may experience judgements, snarky comments, blame and rejection and yet if we close ourselves down, what happens to our ability to access the greatest power we have within ourselves?  Our heart is actually a muscle, but beyond the physiology we can lose our ability to remain compassionate towards even OURSELVES. That is to me, far more scary than being rejected by another person who is most definitely in pain, hurt, and suffering in their own process.

So can we see the other from these eyes and this heart space, that also have seen and knows our own very pain and suffering?

People think jumping off cliffs, or climbing Everest to be a fearless act. But to me being fearless is Loving with your genuine heart, when all you want to do is shut down, run away or retaliate against the other. Loving, by placing your bare vulnerability right out there and sharing your naked soul to the other even when it may not be received is a hugely BOLD step to reclaiming your most precious power.  That takes huge inner resources of courage and strength.

We need to reclaim our most powerful resource- our ability to love so that we can heal and allow the other that possibility as well. 

We need to forgo the Ego’s need to be right all the time. And when we are wronged we can still be the love that is missing in the interaction we are experiencing. We can allow the pain we may feel from another’s inability to love to help transform us into being BETTER  versions of who we are.  We can be the Love that the other isn’t ready or even able to BE for the situation at hand.

Then we are truly FREE.  Because we realize we can allow ourselves to reach that place of feeling good at any time and in any circumstance we may face.

Why wait to love, when we can love right now? We can put ourselves in a better place when we choose to Love Radically. If each person could set aside all the justifications and just allow the highest state to take place what a different world this would be.

What are your thoughts on Radical Love? Where can you Love more in a way that you never have let yourself love?

I’d love to hear your experiences. Comment below and remember,  the Radical Love within you can open you to avenues on your journey you never thought possible.

Wishing you AWESOME Love and Light <3

Piera B.

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