This one herb could get you back in the sheets with your lovey again!

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By Piera B

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More and more people are asking me about what to do to help their sex lives improve. I never thought I would be putting on the sex counsellor cap but I often am called to play this role as well.

Neither of the genders is immune to sexual dysfunction either. It seems both men and women are equally  challenged by low libido. failure to orgasm or experience it on a greater level,  too tired and fatigued to even begin and losing interest in the act all together.   There definitely is a problem.

What may be causing this?

Stress is the number one cause of most illness and dis-ease. Stress comes in many forms from dealing with your mother in law, to your boss, getting a ticket and rushing all through your day to make it all happen. We are a stressed out, tired out and over stimulated society. Our gadgets stimulate us, our kids may demand a lot from us, our partners need attention, our boss wants deadlines met and the groceries still need to be done. It’s no wonder when we get to bed all we want to do is collapse.

And collapse we do, and so does our sexual intimacy and relationships.


So how can we remedy this seemingly complex issue?

Well Rome wasn’t built in a day and getting healthy is the same idea. Most people want fast fixes and I  wish I could help you get your big “O” overnight but it simply may not work out that way.

But with a little patience, and some foundational health steps, you can get back in the sack with better sexy times than you ever had.  Want that? Then read on friends!

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Here are the basics:



  1. Go see your natural health professional. Get a health history intake done. Get blood work updated, and a full physical. See where you are at.
  2. Clean up your diet.
  3. Make time for EXERCISE! Schedule in 3 – 4 sessions of consistent exertion that makes you sweat and breath deeply and vigorously. Also walk each day, and use a standing desk instead of sitting all day.
  4. Meditate, shut off the gadgets, and make time to destress and relax. Schedule a “breath break” where you sit for 3-5 minutes 3 times a day and just listen to your breath and be still in the present moment. You need to reset your body so your nervous system doesn’t go into overdrive. No orgasms are gonna happen in that state my dear!
  5. And use HERBAL medicine! And that is where CISTANCHE comes into the picture


Cistanche Tubulosa (Ru Cong Rong):

The modern natural herbal VIAGARA !

According to Dr. Paul Haider, Cistanche offers sexual vitality and powerfully addresses and heals  erectile dysfunction. Cistanche Tubulosa contains acteoside and echinacoside which enlivens and supports sexual health in both men and women.  And it also promotes the release of nitrous oxide which works wonders for healing erectile dysfunction and can help with premature ejaculation.

It also:

  • Boost libido. So you can get the Vroom room vrooooooom back in the bedroom. ( like my rhymes? 😉
  • Boosts Killer Cell Production: Making your immune system stronger and helps you prevent and ward off disease
  • Boosts your brain:  Better memory, focus, and clarity helps in all the mental effort you need to exert each day.
  • Powerful antioxidant: Which helps rejuvenate your cells , keeping you younger and stronger
  • Boosts energy!  Woooohooo! With more energy you can bounce around in bed more often, right? 😉
  • Anti inflammatory : Helps keep joints, muscles and tendons healthy and pain free. So now you can dust off that old Kama sutra book lying under the bed and actually use it again! 😉
  • Female fertility: May help with excessive uterine bleeding, fibroids and PCOS.
  • Blood Changes – Studies show that Cistanche Tubulosa also increases platelet count for better clotting and white blood cell count for fighting off invading bacteria and viruses.
  • Constipation – Cistanche Tubulosa works well for those who suffer from chronic constipation and especially older people with constipation by adding moisture to the intestines.


For further information on how to dose and use it in a individualized protocol please go here and we can discuss the best plan of action to get you back in action 😉

Stay healthy, happy and free! 


Piera B.

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