Chamomile is so yesterday. Try this “holy” tea that calms, balances and heals your whole body!


By Piera B

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Healing requires we become “whole” or we integrate the many parts of our being.  When we feel uneasy, or dis-ease we aren’t functioning as a whole person. Stress is a huge risk factor for disease and causes anxiety, panic states, depression, pain and much more.

We most likely are in our mind when we experience stress. We feel disconnected from our body, our social connections, to our desires and dreams. Physical pain causes us to disconnect from our mental pain and so we can be distracted from looking at the real issues. Again this is separation. Wholeness allows for wellness.

Stress is  a huge disruptor of this vital integration, and it is the main cause of illness, and disease. But we can use natural medicine and practices to help us heal and become whole again. Herbs have very powerful medicinal and healing properties.  One in particular that is very effective for stress states, like anxiety, sleeplessness and over drained adrenals, is Tulsi or Holy Basil.

Tulsi is my favourite herb to begin a treatment for over stressed states.  It is native to India, and grows there like grass grows in North America. It’s everywhere, and it’s one of the most potent medical herbs around. Indians have used Tulsi for centuries, where Yogis were known to drink Tulsi to prepare for meditation, hence the name “holy” basil.  Tulsi means “the incomparable one” and thus is considered very sacred.

If you feel stressed, having trouble sleeping, overstrained and need some calm in your life I would suggest either making an infusion with the dried herb or taking it in tincture form as a more potent protocol. Always consult a professional healthcare provider if you feel you need a more therapeutic dose. In tea form it is milder and balances out the nervous system and powerfully supports the immune system.

Other Benefits of Tulsi :


1. Reduces Risk of Diabetes:

Tulsi balances hormones and cortisol is one such hormone that Tulsi has been proven to restore. Sugar levels become balanced and diabetes can be prevented.

2. Heals Wounds:

The anti bacterial and anti viral properties of Tulsi make it a potent healer for wounds or infections.  In Aryuvedic  medicine it is used and made into ointments for skin wounds.

3. Relieves Anxiety and Panic attacks:

Tulsi is a major adaptogen, meaning it helps us to adapt to stress and defend us from it’s effects.  It strengthens the organs and builds the blood as well. As an adaptogen it helps to calm and balance out an overstimulated nervous system. It is great as w before bed drink.

4. Adrenal Fatigue:

Our adrenals are the master controls of our stress hormones such as cortisol. They work in tandem with the Thyroid to balance stress and support our metabolism.  When over strained, adrenals become depleted and we feel the effects like fatigue and burn out.  Tulsi literally will feed the adrenals and restore them back to health within an overall healthy lifestyle and program.

tulsi indian


5. Cancer:

Some studies have shown a reduction in cancer risks and cases.  It also was shown to reduce the effects of conventional cancer treatments by supporting the immune system and helping restore healthy cell function.

6. Insomnia:

This is your new chamomile!  Due to it’s calming effects this is the herb to keep on hand when sleepless nights seem to pervade your nights.  It has a mild sedative effect and will help the relaxation response kick in so you can get deep and restful sleep.

7. Immunity booster , Cold and flu buster:

One of the best herbs you can take on an ongoing basis as a great preventative during the cold winter months, or when a cold or flu comes full on.  When taking it for an acute case, I suggest taking it in it’s more potent form as a tincture . When taking it for overall immunity, you can take it as a tea and drink 2-3 cups per day and post-workout, and before bed are the best times.

So ditch the chamomile for awhile, and give your body this herb that goes a very long way to help you along the way to a healthier and happier life.

To your health, happiness and wholeness,


Piera B.

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