Detox Your Menopause Away!


By Piera B

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Menopause. The dreaded “M” word for some women seems to haunt them and when it comes on can make life quite unbearable.  But there is hope my ladies.

The one thing you must do on a regular basis,  is help the body release any toxic build up over the years, especially if you have taken pharmaceutical medications of any kind. These put added stress on the detoxification organs like the liver, colon, and skin.  Your liver needs to be healthy in order for you to lose weight, sleep soundly, and digest and assimilate food every day.




Here are other indications it’s time for a good cleanse: 

  • You are still gaining weight after cutting down your daily calories
  • You drink coffee on a regular basis
  • You used to binge drink or still drink alcohol on a regular basis
  • You are often congested, have post nasal drip and allergies
  • You have skin issues like Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Hives, Rashes
  • You are more sensitive to environmental odours and chemicals
  • You don’t tolerate coffee or alcohol well anymore
  • You eat processed food even twice a week
  • You are tired in the morning and have a hard time starting your day
  • You experience brain fog or mental fatigue half way through the day
  • You need a nap to get through your day
  • You experience constipation once or twice a week.  (2-3 bowel movements a day is actually the definition of healthy bowels and being “regular”)
  • You drink very little water and rely on coffee, tea or juices for your hydration


So many middle aged women come to me wanting to lose weight and think that just cutting back on food and upping their exercise is going to do the trick.  The key ingredient has been left out of the recipe, and that’s why the soufflé doesn’t come out right.

And that key ingredient is CLEANSING.

Cleansing has be shown to reduce many menopausal symptoms most commonly hot flashes, vaginal dryness, low libido, sleep disturbances leading to insomnia, emotional instability and angry or aggressive outbursts of behaviour. In chinese medicine this is considered too Yang or too much heat in the body causing overactivity that leads to exhausted organs like the liver, adrenals, kidneys and the hormonal system. That is why you feel so tired, exhausted and just burnt out most of the time.

Cleansing balances the body and gives the organs a break.  They get to rest and the natural elimination process can rid the body of the excess toxins.


cleanse juices


5 Keys to an Effective Hormonal Cleanse:

1) Eliminate all processed foods and all foods that are not organic and contain GMOs.

This is called “clean eating”. Suck it up and give your body only the best. Get rid of the junk! No alcohol, no coffee, no fast food, no packaged anything. Give your body a break and give it live whole foods from the earth.

2) Get up earlier and do the 5 Tibetan Rites and drink apple cider vinegar water.

The 5 tibetan Rites will wake up your whole nervous system and kick start the metabolism for your day. It rejuvenates and boosts all the organ systems to get into DETOX mode early on, giving you the edge you need for the day. Check out my article on how to do the 5 Tibetan Rites here.

Drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and you can add a few drops of stevia for a sweet treat without the sugar. This turns on the inner digestive furnace and gets you in calorie burning mode right from the start of your day.  You can read more about the healing powers of apple cider vinegar here.

3) Take the appropriate herbs and liver supplements to assist the detoxification process.

These can be found through a health practitioner.  Also check out my Cleanse 101 freebie on my site here.  And for the best supplement brand I recommend exploring this option.

4)  Clean your home of unnecessary toxic chemicals.

Start using natural cleaning agents like vinegar, borax, baking soda and lemon.  These don’t harm the environment or you! They will lessen the load on your liver and you can save a lot of money making simple and easy versions of your own.

5) Breath! Do deep diaphragmatic breathing or Pranayama as the Yogis call it.

Deep breathing encourages the lungs to loosen up and let go of any waste products stored there. Also breathing helps the circulation improve and assists the elimination process even further.  Start each day with 10 deep long breaths, and make each exhalation longer than the inhalation. This will also strengthen the immune system during your cleanse and keep you energized and strong.

I wish you happier hormones and always keep it natural.

That is the healing secret for a thriving life of joy, ease and fulfillment! 


Keep BEing happy, healthy and free!

Piera B. 






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