Increase the Detox Affects with Dry Brushing!


By Piera B

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What is the largest organ in your body? 

The lungs? The Liver? Your brain? Nope. You may think you have a big brain, but your SKIN is the largest organ of your body. Isn’t that so cool?

And in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it’s considered the “third kidney”.  The skin is the largest organ and as such detoxifies the body at a very significant rate since the surface area is so much bigger.  But if we aren’t helping the detox process the skin will slow down it’s process and that’s when it begins to look dull, have blemishes, cellulite and thus become over congested.

How do we help the skin detoxify?

Firstly we maintain a whole food organic lifestyle for 90% of the time.  Secondly we drink 2-3L of filtered water a day. We also move our bodies on a regular basis and we incorporate hot sauna therapies at least twice per month.  We also perform regular cleanses with whole foods and the right herbs to assist the elimination process.

Right now I am on Day 3 of my Transformation Cleanse. It’s probably the most difficult day, as my body is in full cleanse mode and all the toxins are now moving quite rapidly out of my body.  So to assist this process I’m incorporating DRY BRUSHING! Dry brushing works with the lymphatic system to keep the toxins moving nicely out of the body through the skin and the rest of the elimination system.

I’ve already lost 3 pounds in just three days and I feel so much less bloated.  I am experiencing some slight headachy symptoms and had some nausea this morning. But I drank some extra water and hibiscus herbal tea and that all subsided :)


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Tips for Dry brushing success


  • Always dry brush with a natural bristle brush. You can find them at your local health food store


  • Always dry brush a dry body.  So BEFORE you shower brush your body first. Than immediately cleanse with water and natural soap in the shower.


  • Always dry brush stroking upwards towards the heart.  This helps the circulation and using long strokes is most beneficial. Use less pressure on thinner skinned areas.


  • Dry brush daily. Not just when you are on a cleanse. This helps you detoxify on a regular basis and helps support you during the times when you aren’t on a whole food cleanse.


Apart from the detox effects dry brushing has been reported to help with weight loss, and helping to reduce and smooth out cellulite skin.  Just know that dry brushing alone won’t get your butt toned and your your skin tighter all on it’s own. You need to be eating whole organic unprocessed foods, being moving every single day, be drinking lots of clean water, and be connecting to nature and your community on a regular basis. This is integrated and holistic health. And that is what we were born to BE. :)


Happy dry brushing! And I’d love to hear how dry brushing and cleansing works for you!  Ask me more about how to lose weight naturally and transform your life with the 10 day Transformation cleanse today. Reply below or contact me by clicking here.

BE healthy, happy and free,

Piera B. 

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