Exhausted? Here are 5 powerful ways to combat Chronic Fatigue for good!


By Piera B

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There isn’t a day that does not go by that I don’t hear a client say “I feel so tired”.  It’s become a chronic fatigue epidemic.  According to the Canadian Mental Health Association about 20% of society is affected by chronic bouts of fatigue, that leave people debilitated, unable to function normally and calling in sick for work.

It isn’t normal to feel exhausted.  Your doctor most often over looks this “common” symptom and may dismiss it as old age, “part of life” and so “get used to it” is often their RX.  Ummmm no thanks Doc, there are ways to heal and feel vitally vibrant every day.

Read on my friends…


 What is really causing your fatigue and exhaustion?

Most of the people that come to me are not exhausted by overexertion or because of very low calories diets. It’s often poor diets, too much coffee, LOADS of  mental/emotional stress in the form of past unresolved trauma and over worked burnt out states. If you aren’t “recharging your batteries” guess what? Just like your iPhone, you won’t have any JUICE to get through your day. Diet, sleep hygiene, regular movement/exercise that feels good are HUGE players in recovering and healing from chronic fatigue.

My Heal Your Fatigue plan is a step by step process I will teach you in private sessions and weekly check-ins.  Message me for more information. 


Here are my 5 top “remedies” for healing fatigue and exhaustion:

1. Cut out caffeine:

Ok before you throw your fists in the air at me, just stay with me on this one. I was a HUGE coffee drinker. I lived on coffee during my university years and Homeopathic College days. Yes, how ironic. But I gave Coffee up in my second year and life started to REALLY change.

This one thing could be the BIGGEST thing you do. Cut out coffee, and caffeinated soft drinks and watch how your sleep gets better, and your whole body just shifts into a more natural rhythm. You WILL GET THROUGH the withdrawal. Trust me. It just takes some patience. But after a month you will feel, and have more energy than you ever have. Cut it out slowly over 4 weeks. Then switch to Yerba Mate’, coffee substitutes made from dandelion and chicory, and herbal teas.  Green tea is fine, just realize it does have a small amount of caffeine that may trigger you.

2. Sleep:

Get your sleep hygiene clean again. Shut off all electronics 1 hour before bed. Stop any caffeine after 2pm, see above again 😉 Make your bedroom a sleep and sex only sanctuary. Keep the temp cool 60-65 F.  No work in bed, no TV in the bedroom and no phones. Meditate, pray and visualize before you drift off to sleep.  Sleep restores your brain, your body and makes dream time a treat for your spirit. Don’t skimp out on sleep! You age faster, your brain health suffers and you won’t be the bright shiny superstar that you are.

3. Clean eating

Stop eating junk. Stop eating processed food. Stop eating white sugar and all it’s processed cousins. If you just clean up your diet your engine will be running on high octane fuel. If you give your car the best gas you can, why aren’t you doing that for your body. Make whole foods 95% of your diet: whole veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, hormone and antibiotic free meat, organic eggs and good oils like coconut and flax.



4. Address your STRESS!

Anxiety and mental distress eat up HUGE amounts of vital energy that Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors call “Jing”.  Jing is your battery pack and life force energy. We only have limited amounts and once we exhaust it completely we die. So it becomes imperative that you find ways to RECHARGE, RESTORE, and RELAX  your body.  Make time for quiet and stillness. Mediate, implement a mind body therapeutic like Yoga, Tai Chi or simple breathing exercises. Take calming plant medicine like Rescue remedy (Bach Flowers), Valerian, and Chamomile tea and tinctures. Do the self care and put water back into your own well so you can offer it out again :)

5. Movement you Love:

Move your body every single day! If you are too far into adrenal exhaustion this may not be indicated. And you will need to heal your body for 2, 3 or more months before you can do any exercise. Start with simple deep breathing, and gentle yoga postures that allow you to stretch your body.

If you can tolerate exercise move your body any way you can. Go dancing, find a social group and do a sport, walk every day and get sunshine.  Just find something that gets all your muscles and bones moving and lungs deep breathing.  Just make sure it’s what you LIKE. Movement that doesn’t feel good will not motivate you to keep doing it. So this is your homework. Explore and find ways to incorporate more movement breaks in your day. Stop sitting and buy a standing desk to do your work. Take short breaks to stretch, shake and go for short bursts of movement. Exercise is often one of the biggest solutions to fatigue. Just make sure you aren’t adrenally exhausted.  There are protocols to help you heal and recover before you get really active again. Message me for more information.


My Heal Your Fatigue plan is a step by step process I will teach in private sessions and weekly check ins.  Message me for more information. 


Stay healthy, happy and free!


Piera B.

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