10 Ordinary “Superfoods” to give you energy, curb cravings, and heal your body!


By Piera B

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What does super food really mean?  The word Superfood has become a trendy way to say this food is uber packed with nutrition and truly does your body good. Quite a mouthful and they literally are! It can feel intimidating to see the vast array of these exotically named products and their price tag. But not all super foods have to be exotic or unaffordable. Many  super foods are the ones you already have eaten or were forced to eat when you were a kid. Remember mom and dad trying to feed you broccoli?!

The more exotic superfoods like Maca root, Goji berries, Chia seeds, hemp butters, and Moringa are often found in health food speciality shops and they can be expensive if you try to buy each of them separately. And believe me I get giddy thinking of these super food options but let’s get back to basics, and look at some of the most nutritious superfoods that ounce per ounce give you more nutrition than processed or animal products could ever deliver.  Eating a superfood lifestyle does not have to be expensive or complicated.  Here are the 10 best “ordinary” superfoods to always keep on hand for the foundation of your large and mini meals.

1) Broccoli

The green “shrub” of the veggie land is a common find and it truly is a powerhouse of antioxidant rich components and phytochemcials. Fancy words that mean it helps your cells restore and regenerate.  Broccoli also has huge anti cancer properties and has been proven to reduce the risk of digestive cancers in particular.

2) Sweet Bell Peppers

Mmmmmmm my favourite of the ordinaries.  Red, orange and yellow peppers are not only delicious but contain tons of vitamin C! 3-5 times that of oranges. They are also fiber rich and provide cartenoids that give them their beautiful colour.  These phytochemical components fight cancer, improve the immunity and help the digestive system function optimally. Win win all around.

3) Carrots

The humble orange carrot not only provides sweetness to soups and stews, but it’s a huge source of Vitamin A and beta carotene. This makes it also a huge cancer fighter and studies have shown in particular that when steamed slightly it helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.  Great fiber provider as well.

4) Avocados  

Another yummy powerhouse that offers you great fat source , Avocados also provide two key carotenoids that help your eyes called Lutein and Zeaxanthin. And these two phtyochemicals need fat to be absorbed effectively. How genius is mother nature? The fat is already there, so you don’t need to add anything 😉


5) Kiwi

From the land down under comes a huge low calorie delight that is super delicious and offers more cancer fighting power to your diet.  These little guys are super rich in antioxidants and a great post workout treat in a shake or just sliced on their own. Lots of good fiber because the seeds are edible and they too provide what no pill or supplement can offer- real plant medicine.

A fruit

6) Berries

All those juice raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blue berries really are the star players in the fruit world.  They are lowest in sugars, so you don’t compromise your insulin system and they are chock full of antioxidants to protect you from free radical damage that come with intense exercise, digestion processes and just plain breathing and living! Include these healthy helpers post workout for a great way to mop up any free radicals released from your intense daily workout. You are working out daily right?? 😉

7) Tart Cherries

OH my! Definitely one of my dear favourites of all! I discovered this gem while exploring the 10 Day Transformation cleanse. This AMAZING fruit is the HIGHEST source of natural Melatonin available .  It also has one of the HIGHEST ORAC values of all superfoods. ORAC value determines how high a food is in powerful antioxdants.  Tart cherry juice is best taken before bed to ensure not only amazing sleep, but also SLOWS down the aging process. I drink this every night before bed. It’s a mainstay now for me, and I actually see my skin responding to this just after a couple of months.

8) Garlic

This is an ancient food and folk medicine favourite.  It is a powerful antibiotic and antiviral food that can help keep your immunity strong and you cold and flu free. Eating it raw has the most powerful effects, but even cooked does provide great nutritional and medicinal value.

9) Ginger

Another folk remedy used to treat nausea, upset stomach, and indigestion.  Keeps this always on hand and especially during the winter months as it is a great warming food for the digestion, metabolism and overall immune system.

10) Raw Honey 

And the king of sweetness gives us one huge power packed dose of essential micro nutrients and numerous phytochemicals that offer anti viral and anti bacterial properties. If you get a cut or scrape this is one of the best “ointments” you can apply. My wise old italian grandmother always had a jar handy :)


Keep being extraordinary in your own ordinary way and never stop growing and learning about you! Best of health always :)


Stay smiling, and be healthy, happy and free.

Piera B.  

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