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Love real food book

By Piera B

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I LOVE books! I remember as a kid losing track of time in the library and wanting to carry all the books home. I contemplated bringing a wheel barrow once.

So my love of books continues. And to this day one of my most favourite pastimes is just sitting curled up with a warm fruity tea, a blanket and a great book.  When it comes to recipe books there are SO many healthy options available.  From vegan inspired, to raw food preparation, Paleo and Ketogenic and to the various cultural delights like Mediterranean.

Here are 3 of my newly discovered healthy, whole food cook books currently gracing my night table.

These books are not just cook books. I’m featuring them here because they really are intentionally inspired with heart and love.  When you pick one of these up, you instantly feel the wholesome vibe of the author, her respect for the planet and her passion for sharing how vitally important it is to connect with our food and have peace with it.

So many of us, (me included) struggle with food. We either hate it or love it or both. We struggle with our hunger and often blame our bodies for the way they look.  So we hate on them and we restrict food and we beat them down with exercise and water fasts. And my hope is that we end this insanity and come to truly honour what food really is.  Food can nourish. Food can heal us.  And food can connect us to OTHERS by bringing communities together. I hope you enjoy my selections as much as I do.

Pick up one of these books and explore another way of eating. One that may enhance every part of your life!

Eat With Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life that Lights You Up

Author: Cassandra Bodzak


eat with intention

This is my fav pick of the three. Cassandra Bodzak combines 3 of my loves in one beautiful inspiring book. She brings together great recipes, with meditations and mantras that help you connect to your food and become more mindful with how you eat not just what you eat There is no fad dieting here. No cutting out of food groups or mention of calories. It’s about getting back to basics and honouring our hunger and nourishing our bodies for what they need in the moment. It’s also about cultivating a self love practice that will offer you a precious gift of returning back to your body in a way that respects it and honours it with sacredness.  Sometimes it’s food and sometimes it’s not. You will begin to learn that and this book truly helps us slow down in order to savour the power of mindful intentional eating.


Love Real Food:  More Than 100 Feel-Good Vegetarian Favorites to Delight the Senses and Nourish the Body

Author: Kathryn Taylor


Love real food book

Kathryn Taylor offers this beautiful book with over 100 outrageously delicious vegetarian recipes. Her widely known food blog called “Cookie and Kate” never disappoints either.  She presents whole food magic in a way that is simple, delicious and readily approachable. So if you are nervous about cooking or getting into the kitchen and trying new things, this book will definitely ease the fear.

She also includes substitutions for making meals gluten free, egg free and dairy free if food sensitivities are your concern.  Her granola is to die for and she will change your whole world and perspective on Kale if you think greens aren’t for you. This book is especially great for the novice to vegetarian fare who may have shunned a plant based diet because of  lack of flavour or pizazz. Her recipes are so yummy you won’t look back and you’ll be a plant based pro in no time.


Do you have a favourite healthy food recipe book? I’d love to hear your choices. Join me on my Fb page and post away!  I always love hearing your feedback. 

Naturally Nourished: Healthy, Delicious Meals Made with Everyday Ingredients

Author: Sarah Britton


naturally nourished

Cook smart not hard. That really is the core inspiration of this book. Whole food ingredients make up the foundation of the recipes and gluten free, dairy and egg free options are wonderfully included. She gracefully presents vegetarian cooking with delightful photography and truly simple directions to make healthy food taste amazing.  If you hesitate to get in the kitchen out of fear of “messing it up” it will really be hard to do so with this book in your hands.  Each recipe uses real food that you most likely already have in your fridge and cupboards. So you just need to get the book and your off to the veggie savouring races.


Which books have you recently discovered that are inspiring you to eat healthy and cook with whole foods? I’d love to know. just comment below or find me here and please share on my FB page! Cuz I always have room for MORE amazing books on my shelf.


Stay healthy, happy and free!

Piera B.





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