5 things that will get your gut in order and get you feeling good again!


By Piera B

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Did you know you have a huge community of organisms living right in your body?  A 100,000,000,00 to be exact! (That’s a TRILLION).  And all trillion of them actually live in your gut and create a microbiome that determines how well you digest food, assimilate it and how strong your immunity is towards foreign invaders.

Imagine all of that is going on right now in your GI tract and you don’t even realize it. Oh the miracle of our bodies innate wisdom. Well why not capitalize on it?!

The better shape you get your gut into, the better you feel , and HEAL yourself! That’s right. If you maintain more of the “good” gut bacteria, the bad guys don’t have a chance to do their dance and get you off your centre.

So start with your digestive system, especially if you are concerned about chronic ailments like constant colds, flus, bloating, liver disease, digestive diseases, heart conditions, auto immune disorders like lupus, MS, Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Addison’s Disease and many more.   We often take over the counter meds or prescription meds thinking it will heal the problem, but many times it’s just a band aid solution. And that band aid falls off pretty soon with further health repercussions down the road.

A healthy gut = A strong immune system, a strong neurological connection to your brain and prevents the progression of disease.



5 Things you can do to Increase Your GUT POWER!


1) Cut out all junk food and processed food.

This can’t be said enough. Get rid of the sugar, packaged foods, processed chemicals and additives in your life.  It depletes you of energy, lowers your resistance to disease and just makes you weaker and sicker down the road. Clean it up and get it out.


Leaky Gut Syndrome = Fatigue, Pain, Depression and Obesity


2) Feed your gut GREAT bacteria!

Yup I said bacteria. There are good bacteria sources that will actually keep the bad guys in check. They also help to heal the lining of your gut and reduce the chances of leaky gut syndrome.  This malady seems to be in epidemic proportions and is responsible for all the emerging food allergies and intolerances we are seeing in record numbers now.  Heal your gut and you lower the risk of chronic diseases such as diverticulitis,  colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, and Crohn’s.  My recommend only the best pro biotic supplement to my clients. Check it out here. It insures they receive a safe source and the perfect potency to help their digestive health soar!


3) Include Whole Foods every day to heal your gut.

Whole foods nourish your body and are pure organic medicine for every process in your body. Every single day your body conducts millions and millions of processes that require energy and the fuel you give it determines how well you will rebuild your body at night. So really make a point of eating whole organic foods that give your cells life and not dead materials to build with.  Check out this amazing whole food, NON GMO and completely organic lifestyle program here. Receive $50 dollars off, with your first program and no string attached! Just pure live, health giving food. 

4) Treat all pathogens with an anti parasitic cleanse and herbs.

We must cleanse out our bodies at least twice a year.  The Fall and Spring are the best times to do a detox.  The cleanse must include an anti parasitic component by supplying herbs that will kill off parasites. We all have them, so get it over it. We just need to take measures that keep them from ruling our internal community of digestive warriors.  Parasites are nasty in that they feed off the very food we try to nourish our bodies with, they are responsible for sugar cravings, and they deplete us leaving our immune systems at risk. Herbal preparations that include black walnut hull, wormwood, oregano oil, and garlic just to name a few, help to cleanse out and kill of these nasty buggers. Here is a great supplement my clients love for getting rid of parasites, candida and boosting energy and getting rid of the cravings.  Cravings often lead to weight gain and obesity. So if you struggle with you weight you most likely have parasites living in your gut. Let’s cleanse them out now!


5) Eat fermented Foods:

Include foods like Sauerkraut , Kim chi, and Kombucha which have live good bacteria naturally present. These are fantastic allies to include in your health plan because they continue to support great digestion, assimilation and thus boost the immune system.  You can make your own by pickling cabbage, beets and other veggies, and  they can be stored them all winter long.  They make great additions to salads and condiments for meat and fish dishes. Get creative and begin to add them to at least 1 meal per day in addition to the above recommendations :)


So go take ACTION now!  If you want to really boost your health, clean your gut and lose that extra summer weight then you must do the 10 Day Transformation cleanse.  Go here and enter code: pierab to receive $50 off now, and make the commitment to your health today.


Keep Being healthy, happy and FREE!

Piera B.




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