Eliminate this one toxin from your diet and lose weight, regain your health, and feel energized again!


By Piera B

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You may have heard of  “GMOs” as it’s a pretty hot topic in the land of nutrition and food politics these days.  GMO stands for genetically modified organisms.  Big pharma created this toxin and justifies their business by claiming that GMOs will allow the planet to create more crop yields and better resistant plants so we become more sustainable in the long run.

But at what cost?

Food is information. Everything we ingest has a chemical and physiological action in the body and instructs our cells’ receptors to turn on or off. Our DNA is also affected by these messages, and our immunity is either enhanced or depressed with the quality of the food you take in each day.

Food is medicine. Or it can be a toxin. That depends on the choices you make every day when you buy, prepare and eat your meals.   GMO food is no longer what Mother Earth intended or provided us in the first place. So we are becoming science “experiments” by eating artificially created foods in labs.  How can that possibly be good for us and the evolution of our species??

GMO food creates these health issues:

  • Hormonal disruption causing: PMS, Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction
  • Weight gain and makes losing weight harder and harder
  • Increased aging and cell degeneration, hair loss
  • Interferes with Brain health and reduces cognitive and memory function.
  • IMMUNE interference : thereby lowering our immunity and increasing our susceptibility to disease and illness. That is the big one!

And here is more evidence of the risks that GMO foods pose for humanity. 

Once our immune system becomes artificially compromised we become VULNERABLE to pathogens where we no longer create natural immunity to these invaders.  So we get WEAKER to disease and that means more symptoms, illness and disease.

So what can we do?  We must educate ourselves and say NO to GMOs.  And we must DETOXIFY our bodies from any that we have consumed or are presently consuming.


We just cannot underestimate the value that cleansing out the body 2-3 times per year can do to prevent illness and heal our lives. This is a very large part of my healing work.  All my clients go through a cleanse protocol and nutrition overhaul as the first step of getting healthy and well again.


Here are 4 ways to Detox your body and feel ALIVE again:

1)  Cleanse your body 2-3 times a year the right way!

Superfoods such as wheat grass, spirulina, and chlorella purify the blood and help the body release toxic build up. Cleansing your body will allow you to release fat from your cells as well. Fat cells store toxic build up as a safety measure. So obese individuals have even more reason to make the decision to heal themselves with a cleanse.

Try the 10 Day Detox that will TRANSFORM your life , help you lose weight and HEAL your body. Receive $50 towards your first cleanse without any risks.  Respond in the comment box below with any comments or questions.


2) Drink clean, filtered chlorine and fluoride free water every day.  

H20 is a must. The Japanese have bee practicing an early morning water ritual for hundreds of years. It proves to heal, cleanse and ready the system for our day. So begin each and every single day by drinking 800 ml to one full Litre of water as the very first thing you ingest of the day. You can add some lemon juice and grated ginger as an added metabolism boost.  Wait 45 minutes to eat breakfast. This is proven to assist our digestion, elimination and metabolism processes so we “warm and rev up the engine” so to speak.


3) Probiotics

Good gut bacteria keep the bad ones at bay. A good probiotic will strengthen your immunity and build up your resistance to disease. It is one of the best preventative things you can do every single day.  Your gut flora is a whole community of organisms with a very delicate eco system of it’s own. Here is a great high quality supplement to add to your daily disease prevention routine.


4) Massage  and dry brushing: Both of these stimulate the lymphatic system which is one of our primary detoxification systems in our body.  You can opt for a lymph massage which focuses primarily on detoxfying the lymph nodes and their vital fluids, and it feels gentler but actually is deeper acting for the cleansing process. Dry bushing done daily just before you shower, also increases the circulation and helps to flush out waste and toxins more efficiently. During your 10 Day Transformation Cleanse it is highly recommended you combine these practices so as to lessen the possibility of detox effects and symptoms like headaches, digestive upset and aches and pains.  The beginning of a cleanse can be challenging. So staying consistent with all the recommendations outlined here will ensure an easier first few days and AMAZING results thereafter !

So take ACTION today. Do a detox and revitalize your body, mind and life. As always, I’m here to assist you to become a healthier more vibrant YOU!


Stay healthy, happy and free!


To your health always,

Piera B. 


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  1. piera says:

    Hey Manny! Thank you so much for replying to my blog message. I truly appreciate the support! I wish you all the best in health and happiness.


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