Your walls need a masterpiece and you don’t have to buy it!


By Piera B

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Spring is arriving. I can feel, and sense it. It’s a glorious anticipation to be experiencing now.

The primal tension in the furry world of our animal friends is so thick you could cut it with a dagger.  Squirrels look restless, birds are all yearning for the warm sunshine and the the trees are tired of holding back their buds.  Every body wants to come out and play.

And play and play and play.

It’s time to Spring forward, onward, and upward.  We all are looking to shed the layers of winter blahs and step into a new space of growth and renewal.

Spring is the time for all of this and more. It is one of the best times for setting intentions and goals for all that you want to grow and bring forth.  I always find that this is the time of year to make fresh new goals, and intentions.  Clear out the clutter, clean out what is stagnant and sweep out the old debris of what isn’t working in your life.

Clean house. Clean the mind space. And get CLEAR on what version of yourself you really want to be living. Version 2014 is here and it’s time to step up the game and challenge all that you believe are your limits.

Limitations are mostly illusions.  It’s the programming your Momma and Papa mostly likely taught you unknowingly, yet got ingrained in that cranium of yours.

Cancel. Delete. Cancel. Delete. Cancel. Delete.

What isn’t working in your life?  What is no longer happy and prosperous?  What is subtracting more than adding to your life?

Only you can truly know if you are truly living your highest joy.

Try this:

Let go of all living small talk you give yourself, which is a way of not owning the bigger part of who you really are. Chuck it , just for a few minutes and stay with me on this exercise.

What would you find IMMENSELY exciting, satisfying and worth LOOKING FORWARD to every day,  if there were NO possibility of FAILING to attain it?

Tough one, when your Ego just wants to settle for “I don’t need more, I’m fine and I’ll let what comes to me, come to me.”

Chuck that crap.

Take out a big white piece of paper or get really eco friendly here with me and recycle some cardboard you got laying around and let’s get creatively genius. Grab your kids crayolas, pastels, finger paints, sparkles, stickers, and whatever else they plaster your walls with and roll up those sleeves for some serious play time.


Draw out, write out, map out, stick things onto things, paste the rest or whatever turns your crank , and put those wildest dreams of yours, on that blank canvas before you. GO CRAZY! Create a masterpiece of your NEW VERSION of YOURSELF.

If this doesn’t trigger your inner creative genius then you need professional help.

Seriously though, this is a great way to activate your creative power. And it creates a MAP of all the possibilities and desires you have deep within your heart.

Hang that art piece on your wall. If you got a few extra bucks, frame it and then admire it every day when you wake up in the morning.

It’ll BE the best artwork your walls have ever been graced with.

And in time  your life will reflect ALL of it and more.

It’s time to step into a new version of yourself. One you can look back and be proud you became.

This isn’t a “vision board” of collaged Cosmo and Vanity Fair cut outs.

This is playtime for that little child within that hardly gets to come out and play.

And the magic you create will unfold into the daily reality you call life.

Love ya,

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